Monday, January 26, 2009


Currently offering custom equine portraits. You may contact me through my email if you are interested in a portrait of your horse; if you truly are interested, I can take a deposit for the work and we can discuss what you want the portrait to be like. If you have a picture in mind you can send it to me as well, along with any other pictures of your horse you think may help. Please also keep in mind that the quality of the picture you send affects the quality of the finished product. Depending on your location, I can also come and take a picture of your horse at an additional cost. Pricing depends on the size of the work, and whether or not you desire a frame . Allow one to two months for completion, depending on the complexity of the photograph, and how many other projects I am working on at the time. Below are several examples of photograph-based portraits I have done, along with in-progress shots for one of the works.
Medium: Prisma colored pencils on black paper.

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  1. I love your blog Sarah. Your photos look so professional. Take a look at mine. I think that you could vary the format a bit. Give them a background and have a chance to comment on each entry. Next week I am going to look at the book store and see how the space works. We can meet there if you would like to take a look. Have a good time off. Mr. M